ZEFS 836

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ZEFS _836 is a lifting system ideal to meet any need in your home

The lift makes all the floors of your house accessible by the push of a button and helps you in your everyday chores.
Home Lifts will integrate seamlessly with your home , without the extensive building work

Lifting Capacity 400 kg
Pit 130 mm
Speed 0,12 - 0,14 m/sec with soft start
System Screw
Max. Power 2.2 kw
Electrical Supply 230 V
Single phase power
Machine room not required

Standard Equipment
ALUMINIUM shaft painted Ral 1013 (Oyster White)
Flat roof top of the shaft
Transparent safety glass panels
"Push and Run" controls inside
"Hold to Run" controls inside
Floor in Dark painted color
Photocells at each access side
Lighting inside